Introduction to PHP Desktop Application

What is PHP Desktop

PHP Desktop is an open source project founded by Czarek Tomczak,  in 2012 to provide a way for developing native desktop GUI applications using web technologies such as PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, and SQLite. The development workflow you are used to while creating web applications remains the same. There is no new API/framework to learn. The process of turning an existing website into a desktop application is basically a matter of copying it to the “phpdesktop/www/” directory.

In a certain sense phpdesktop acts as a PHP to EXE compiler. It embeds a web browser, a multithreaded web server and a PHP interpreter. All embedded into a single application. The web server embedded is Mongoose (the MIT-licensed version). Supported browsers are Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The package with Chrome embedded has no external dependencies, everything is included in the phpdesktop binaries and works out of the box on a user’s computer.

Supported Frameworks

  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Yii
  • Zend Framework

How To Download

  • PHP Desktop Chrome – go to the Download Chrome wiki page.
  • PHP Desktop MSIE (Internet Explorer) – go to the Download MSIE wiki page.





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