Introduction to digital marketing

Digital marketing is basically the marketing of products or services through any digital channels such as websites, search engines, email, mobile apps, etc. The transition from offline marketing strategies to digital marketing can be explained by merely analyzing the time people spend on the internet. As people spend more time online and are hesitant to go to stores anymore, marketing strategies had to evolve to connect with the customers where they spend most of their time- online.

              Digital marketing began its conspicuous start in the 1990s by the creation of the Archie search engine and it was in this year the term ‘digital marketing’ was coined. The terms ‘online marketing’, ‘internet marketing’ and ‘web marketing’ also refers to ‘digital marketing’ while the most popular term still remains ‘digital marketing’. The first clickable banner ad was that of the ‘You Will’ campaign of AT&T in 1994. With the ever-growing technology, digital marketing strategies too evolved.

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