Major digital marketing strategies


Paid search or pay-per-click(PPC) advertising are the contextual ‘sponsored result’ that is seen on the top or the right side of a search engine result page when a specific set of keywords are typed in. As they are contextual in nature, they are highly effective in targeting the audience who are interested in the particular product or service. You only pay when your ad is clicked in paid search.


Search engine optimization(SEO) is the technology by which a website can be made on top of the search result list when a particular set of keywords are typed in. SEO is one of the best strategies in digital marketing since it attracts more and more audience to your website. Growing audience is a direct indicator of business growth. Also, most people do not prefer going to the bottom of a search result list as they find the topmost results more credible.


As people are addicted to social media, it is clever to use it as a business strategy. People don’t just send messages or post selfies in social media anymore, they also use it to get familiar with a company or product they are interested in. Social media marketing also creates a platform for peer to peer interaction and thus may end up in preferring your product to a friend or even promote your business through their posts.


Mobiles have become an integral part of our daily life. Its come to a point where we can’t live without our mobiles. Mobiles are handy devices and therefore incorporating mobiles in the marketing mix in an absolutely inevitable process. Mobile marketing can be done through SMS, MMS, and in-app marketing. Considering the time we spend on our mobiles, it is an excellent marketing strategy.


People have been using the email for a long time now and it will continue to be so for a long time as it one of the fastest and direct methods to communicate to your audience. A marketing email must be strategic, trustworthy and attractive to influence the audience. Crisp and correct information can be made about your product or service and links to further references can be provided. Email is still one of the best tools in digital marketing.


Content marketing does not particularly promote a product or service, but it provides valuable and relevant information about a topic. Providing valuable and resourceful information makes you a trustworthy source and this trust can be used as the marketing strategy. One should remember that trust goes a long way in business!! The trust retains the audience and ultimately results in profitable customer action.


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