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A cup of fresh tea in the morning, soothing tea during work, another refreshing cup after work and let’s fit in an energetic cup in between there somewhere. With the premium quality tea leaves of Hill Valley Traders, it’s tea-time all the time!

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Tea is the best example to prove that accidental discoveries are indeed impressive. Legend has it that some leaves fell into the water that was being boiled for the Chinese emperor Shen Nung and he simply loved the taste of it which eventually lead to the invention of our favourite beverage-Tea. So, as tea-lovers, let’s raise a cup of tea for the emperor.

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Now you have got a reason to find more reasons to drink more and more tea. Hill Valley Traders merchandise only the high quality tea leaves that are carefully evaluated for their freshness and quality. Numerous quality control tests are done in order to ensure that the leaves are of premium quality.

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The major quality parameters that are tested in made tea include Theaflavins (TF), Thearubigins (TR), High polymerized substances (HPS), Total liquor color (TLC) and Total soluble solids (Water extract).

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TF has a direct correlation with quality and price realization. TF contribute towards the briskness and brightness of tea liquor. During the course of fermentation, TF progressively increases till an optimum fermentation time, the period at which maximum quality is observed.

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In addition to having maximum value for TF, there has to be proper balancing of the liquor parameters for which the guide line stating the value of TR to be ten to twelve times as that of TF can be followed.

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Research says that the polyphenols and phytochemicals present in tea account for its health properties. To begin with, drinking tea helps in slowing down the process of ageing by destroying free radicals. Plus, tea has the power to fight-off many cancers. Of course it’s not the ultimate method of cure but it definitely gives our body a fighting chance. Drinking tea also reduces the risk of heart attacks, other cardio vascular diseases and degenerative diseases. There is evidence to prove that regular tea-drinkers have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. Also, tea could be your back-up sunscreen since it protects you from ultraviolet rays to an extent. So, it’s time to brew up a cup of our premium quality tea, sit back and relax while enjoying all the health benefits that come with it.

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